• First Place: The winner of the North American Championship receives a first-place trophy to show off to their family and friends, and a first-round bye at the 2016 Star Wars: Armada World Championship. A first-round bye will give you a big advantage over the fierce competition at Worlds.
  • Top Four: The top four players each receive a full acrylic range ruler set with multiple range bands, a much requested item that fleet commanders will not want to miss out on!
  • Top Eight: The top eight players each receive a full length acrylic range ruler to lock onto their targets up to long range.
  • Top Sixteen: The top sixteen players each receive a set of acrylic objective tokens. You’ll want to concentrate your fire in order to earn a set of these!
  • Day 2 Competitors: Players who make it to the second day of competition will receive a brand new, never-before-seen plastic spot-glossed card. This card will be announced and revealed to the world at the beginning of the tournament!
  • All Competitors: All players will receive one copy of the alternate art card for commander Darth Vader and one copy of a brand new extended art card which will be debuted at the beginning of the tournament!
Op16au layout
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