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"The Onager-class Star Destroyer is a specialized platform for some of the Empire’s most dangerous weaponry. The arrival of its ominous silhouette in orbit heralds a bombardment by massive particle cannons, or, more rarely, a devastating pulse from superheavy composite beam turbolasers. Its deployment in more sensitive Imperial operations can be neither confirmed nor denied.

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What makes the Onager-class Star Destroyer unique among the Galactic Empire’s specialized collection of ships is its special battery armament. By using it's armament, this incredible ship can perform ignition attacks beyond long range, keeping its crew safe while still wreaking havoc on enemy forces. On top of this remarkable ability, the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack provides everything that you as a skilled imperial officer need to add one of these elite vessels to your fleet, including a painted ship, a speed dial, and three command dials as well as two ship cards and fifteen upgrade cards." 

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play. 

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Captain's Clinic - How to fly the Onager Star Destroyer

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  • Onager-class Star Destroyer

Ship Cards[]

Upgrades (15)[]

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Icon Upgrade Officer.png Officer:[]

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