This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Rebellion in the Rim campaign.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

The Rebellion in the Rim Campaign Expansion includes a map of the Mid and Outer Rim of the galaxy. Players use the campaign map to determine both the location of each battle and the objectives that are available.

RitR CampaignMap detail

Lower left edge of the Campaign Map (Area V)

Campaign Map Edit

The Mid and Outer Rim is divided into areas by colored border lines. Each area includes several locations and is marked with a roman numeral. (Area I - Area V)

  • Areas that share a border line are adjacent.
  • Locations that overlap a border line and are outlined in white are border locations. Border locations are treated as being in both areas. (Concord Dawn: Areas I&II, Lothal: Areas II&III, Nar Shaddaa: Areas III&IV, Ring of Kafrene: Areas IV&V, Ord Mantell Areas V&I)
OuterRim MapKey

Rebellion in the Rim Map Key

  • The map has two sub-areas that have a different color background than the rest of the map. Each of these sub-areas is part of a larger area of the map. The two sub areas are:
    1. The Mandalorian Sector (Area I): Concord Dawn and Mandalore
    2. Hutt Space (Area III): Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa

Bases Edit

Bases represent a location with military support facilities constructed by a faction, including permanent defense forces. Teams start with one base per fleet and can build additional bases during the course of the campaign.

Presence Edit

Presence represents a location at which a faction has significant influence or sympathy. Teams place presence by winning battles during the campaign.

  • Bases and Presence are marked on the map using stickers and recorded on each team's roster sheet.
  • All locations with a faction's base or presence stickers are friendly to each other and to fleets of that faction.
  • All locations with the opposing faction's base or presence stickers are enemy locations.

Unoccupied Locations Edit

Locations without a base or presence sticker are unoccupied.

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