This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

Placing bases is the third step of setting up a Corellian Conflict Campaign after creating teams and building fleets.

Bases are represented by stickers that are applied next to planets and mark each team's control over the Corellian Sector. The location of a base on the campaign map determines the amount of resources each team earns at the end of each campaign turn. A base also affects the outcome of a battle fought at its location.

Before placing bases, each player should take the appropriate base or presence stickers for his faction. Each lmperial player takes one lmperial Base sticker, and each Rebel player takes two Rebel Presence stickers. No more than one sticker can be placed on each location.

  • ImperialBase sticker

    Imperial Base sticker

    The teams take turns placing lmperial Base or Rebel Presence stickers until each lmperial player has placed one lmperial Base sticker, and each Rebel player has placed two Rebel Presence stickers.
  • To begin, the lmperial team places an additional lmperial Base sticker on Corellia.
  • Then, one lmperial player places his Imperial Base sticker on one of the Iocations on the campaign map.
  • RebelPresence sticker

    Rebel Presence sticker

    Then one Rebel player must place two Rebel Presence stickers. These stickers can represent outposts or bases. However, only half of the total Rebel stickers can represent bases, the other half must represent outposts. (FAQ p. 3)

After building bases, players are ready to begin the Corellian Conflict.

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