Rule Edit

The play area is the shared space occupied by ships, squadrons, obstacle tokens and objective tokens. The recommended play area is 3' x 3' for the core set up to 299 fleet points and 3' x 6' for a game with 300 fleet points or more.

  • If any portion of a ship’s or squadron’s base is outside the play area, that ship or squadron is destroyed. For this purpose, ignore activation sliders, shield dials, and the plastic portions of a ship’s base that frame shield dials.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

The All-Out Offensive is a team game where each team fields all of its players' fleets as a single, combined force. The size of the play area is determined by the total number of fleets in play.

  • 4 Fleets (2 per team): Use a 3' x 6' play area, with a 3' x 6' setup area. (The setup area becomes the entirety of the play area).
  • 6 Fleets (3 per team): Use a 3' x 9' play area, with a 3' x 7' setup area. Establish the 3' x 7' setup area by using the length of the range ruler to place the setup area markers 1' from the short edges of the play area.
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