Prototype Recovery

Prototype Recovery Objective card

Card Text Edit

Setup: Before deploying fleets, the second player must choose 1 additional non-unique squadron with a total value of 8-20 points*. This is the prototype, and is set aside. After placing obstacles, the first player places an objective token in the center of the play area.

Special Rule: When a ship at distance 1 of an objective token resolves a Icon Command Squadron command, instead of activating squardons, that ship's owner may roll 1 blue die. If a Icon Dice Crit icon is rolled, the prototype is added to the player's fleet for the remainder of the game. If that ship belongs to the second player, the prototype is added if a Icon Dice Hit icon is rolled instead. Then the controlling player deploys the prototype at distance 1 of the objective token and discards the token. While the prototype is attacking, each Icon Dice Crit icon adds 1 to the damage total.

End of Game: If the prototype is in the play area, the controlling player gains 1 victory token.

Victory Tokens: 30 pts.

[* non-possible for prototype: VT-49 Decimator, Z-95 Headhunter]

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

Prototype Recovery is a narrative Campaign Objective for "Rebellion in the Rim" game play. It's not a legal objective for competitive play. It can be chosen by the assaulting player as game objective at Lothal (Area II&III) and Geonosis (Area IV).

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