Swm31 Obstacle01 whale-token

Purrgil token

Rule Edit

The purrgil is an obstacle. An attack is obstructed if line of sight is traced through the purrgil token.

  • When a ship overlaps a purrgil obstacle that ship suffers an amount of damage equal to its speed.
  • When a squadron overlaps a purrgil obstacle that squadron suffers 1 damage.
  • When a Purrgil moves it cannot overlap ships, squadrons, tokens or other obstacles in the play area.
Purrgil A

second Purrgil token

Movement Rules Edit

At the end of each round, starting with the second player and alternating, each player chooses 1 purrgil obstacle and moves it to within distance 1-2 of its current location. Each player must choose a different purrgil obstacle to move.

Objective Cards related to Purrgils Edit

Appearance Edit

Purrgil were a species of massive, whale-like creatures that lived in deep space, traveling from star system to star system using a natural ability to fly through hyperspace. They were first seen in the tv-series Star Wars Rebels.


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