This page lists additional rules that are used when playing the Rebellion in the Rim campaign.

Rebellion in the Rim RuleEdit

To begin playing Rebellion in the Rim players mus perform the following steps:

  1. Create Teams: Players divide themselves into two teams of opposing factions - the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. Each team must consist of the same number of fleets - two for four-person campaign or three for a six-player campaign.
  2. Select Grand Admiral: Each team selects one player to be its Grand Admiral. The Grand Admiral serves as team leader and resolves team disputes.
  3. Create Task Force Commanders: Each player must create a task force commander.
  4. Build Task Forces: Each player builds a starting task force using 200 fleet points.
  5. Choose Objectives: As in the standard Star Wars: Armada fleet building rules, players must choose three objective cards, one from each category.
  6. Place Bases: Each player takes one appropriate base sticker for their faction. Then players take turns placing their stickers at locations on the map, starting with the imperial team. No more than one sticker can be placed at each location. Players cannot place stickers on border locations or locations in sub-areas.
  7. Create Defenses: Each team selects one Base Defense objective for each of that team's bases and secretly records that objective with that base on their team roster.

Campaigns with Larger Fleet Sizes Edit

Rebellion in the Rim is designed to be played with task force fleets of 200-250 total fleet points. Players who want a campaign experience with larger-sized fleets can make the following rules adjustments:

  • Players begin the campaign with an initial fleet size of 400 FP total (or another total that they choose). They must follow all other fleet building restrictions.
  • Use the appropriate sized play area for 2-player battles. In pivotal battles for larger fleets the setup area becomes the entirety of the 6' x 3' play area.
  • Each fleet can add up to 100 additional total fleet points worth of upgrades and squadrons during the campaign.
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