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"The defender chooses one of his hull zones adjacent to the defending hull zone. When the defender suffers damage, it may suffer any amount of damage on the chosen zone’s remaining shields before it must suffer the remaining damage on the defending hull zone."

Capital Ships with 1 Redirect:[]

Capital Ships with 2 Redirect:[]

Upgrade Cards with Redirect:[]

  • Republic-iconBarriss Offee (Republic Officer): "While defending, after the attacker declares the defending hull zone, you may spend 1 Icon DefToken Redirect token. If you do, at the start of the Resolve Damage step, choose a different hull zone to be the defending hull zone for this attack.
  • Republic-iconObi-Wan Kenobi (Republic Commander): "While a friendly ship is defending, when it spends a readied Icon DefToken Redirect token, it may reduce the total damage by 1 before it suffers damage."
  • RebLogoForesight (MC30c Title): "When you resolve the Icon DefToken Redirect defense effect, you can choose 1 additional adjacent hull zone to suffer damage."
  • RebLogoVanguard (Nebulon-B Title): "... At the start of the first round, you may replace 1 of your defense tokens with a Icon DefToken Redirect defense token."
  • RebLogoUnity (Starhawk-class Title): "After you deploy, gain 1 Icon DefToken Redirect defense token. ..."
  • Icon Upgrade DefensiveRetrofit Advanced Projectors (Defensive Retrofit): "When you resolve the Icon DefToken Redirect token effect, you can choose more than one hull zone to suffer damage, which may include a nonadjacent hull zone."
  • Icon Upgrade Officer Expert Shield Tech (Officer): "While defending, during the Spend Defense Tokens step, when you spend a Icon DefToken Redirect defense token, you may reduce the total damage from the attack by 1 instead of resolving that token's effect.
  • Icon Upgrade Turbolasers XI7 Turbolasers (Turbolaser): "While attacking, if the defender spends a Icon DefToken Redirect token, it cannot suffer more than 1 damage on hull zones other than the defending hull zone."