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This is the third of six steps during an attack.

The attacker can resolve attack effects as described below:

  • Modify Dice: The attacker can resolve any of its effects that modify its dice. This includes card effects and the Icon Command ConcentrateFire.png command.
  • Spend Accuracy Icon Dice Accuracy.png Icons: The attacker can spend one or more of its Icon Dice Accuracy.png icons to choose the same number of the defender’s defense tokens. The chosen tokens cannot be spent during this attack. Icon Dice Accuracy.png icons can be spent at any time during the Resolve Attack Effects step unless otherwise prevented.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.2 / Rules Reference Corrections and Useful Links, 15 June 2021

The next step during attack is Spend Defense Tokens.

Upgrade Cards that effect after rolling Initial Attack Pool[]