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A stack of 2 Command Dials, 1 revealed.


This is the first step during Ship Phase.

Reveal the ship’s top command dial. Then either

  • place the dial next to the ship or
  • Command Tokens

    spend the dial to place the corresponding command token next to the ship in the play area.

A ship can resolve the effect of a command by spending a command dial or command token with the matching icon at the appropriate time.

After Reveal Command Dial, the next step of Ship Phase is Attack.

Rules Clarification[]

A ship can spend its command dial to gain a command token only when it reveals its command dial.*

Command dials that are gained through the effect of an upgrade card, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, can be spent to assign the corresponding command token to that ship.

* see: FAQ Version 4.1.1; 2018/04/23 p. 6

New Rule[]

When a huge ship’s command dial is revealed it gains the corresponding command token without spending the dial.

Corellian Conflict Rule[]

When a ship reveals a command, it may spend its veteran token to gain one command token of its choice.