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This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict. or Rebellion in the Rim campaigns.

Campaign Rule Edit

Each ship or squadron that was destroyed during the battle becomes scarred. The player who controls a ship or squadron that has been scarred records this on his fleet roster and assigns that ship or squadron a scar lD token.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

A player can remove scar ID tokens from ships or squadrons during the Management Phase using a combination of bases and other effects.

  • Each player can remove up to one scar ID token for each base that their team has on the campaign map.
  • For each repair yard token the team spends, a player may decide to remove 1 addtional scar ID token.

Ships and squadrons with scar tokens that are destroyed in a battle are not permanently destroyed as they are in The Corellion Conflict.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

lf a scarred ship or squadron is destroyed, it and any upgrade cards equipped to it are eliminated from that player's fleet and he removes them from his fleet roster. Cards with unique names that have been eliminated in this way cannot be purchased again by any player during the campaign.

lf a scarred flagship is destroyed,that fleet's commander is not eliminated. The commander makes it to an escape pod and lives to fight another day! The player must equip that commander to a new flagship in the Management Phase.

A player can spend resource or refit points so that a ship or squadron is no longer scarred.

Rules Clarification Edit

Any of the losing player’s squadrons remaining in the play area after losing all of his ships are treated as not destroyed and do not become scarred. (Source: FAQ 5.1.1; 2020/03/09)

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