Rule Edit

To set up a standard game of Star Wars: Armada, proceed through the following steps in order.

1. Determine Initiative: The player whose fleet has the lowest total fleet point cost chooses which player is the first player. The first player places the initiative token next to his edge with the blue side faceup. If the players are tied in fleet points, flip a coin to decide which player makes the choice.

2. Choose Objective: The first player looks at all three of his opponent’s objective cards and chooses one to be the objective for the game.

3. Define Play Area and Setup Area: Clear a 3' x 6' play area. Then, establish a 3' x 4' setup area.

4. Gather Components: Each player places his ships, squadrons, and cards next to the play area and near his edge.

5. Place Obstacles: If not stated otherwise at the objective card for the game, the players take turns choosing and placing obstacles into the play area starting with the second player. Obstacles must be placed within the setup area, beyond distance 3 of the edges of the play area and beyond distance 1 of each other.

6. Deploy Ships: Starting with the first player, the players take turns deploying their forces into the setup area.

7. Prepare Other Components: Shuffle the damage deck and place it next to the play area along with the command tokens, maneuver tool, range ruler, and the round token marked “1.”

8. Clean Up: Remove the setup area markers from the play area.

Optional Rule Edit

Before beginning a game, the players may agree to play a game with Unlimited Rounds.

  • The game does not end after the sixth round; instead, the game ends only when all of one player’s ships are destroyed. The players ignore Set Up step 2 "Choose Objective", when playing with this rule, but place obstacles as normal.
  • In addition, at the end of each round, the player with initiative gives initiative to his opponent by passing the initiative token to that player.

Sector Fleet Rule Edit

When playing a Sector Fleet game at a fleet point total of 1000 or higher, use the Expanded Setup Area:

3. Define Play Area and Setup Area: Place the setup area markers exactly distance 3 from the short table edge, so that the setup area includes all of the play area that is more than distance 3 from either short edge.

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