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The setup area is the region of the play area in which ships, squadrons, obstacle tokens, and objective tokens are placed during setup.

Setup Area Marker

1 of 4 Setup Area Markers

The setup area for a 300+ fleet point game is the 3' x 4' (90cm x 120 cm) area in the center of the play area.

The setup area is marked by setup area markers. After setup is complete, the setup area markers are removed from the play area.

Setup Diagram Edit

SWA Board GeneralGame

Setup for 3' x 6' play area.

Task Force Rules Edit

SWA Board 3x3

3'x3' Setup Diagram

If playing fleets with less than 300 FP, like Task Force format, you play with a 3' x 3' (90cm x 90cm) play area, the entire play area is the setup area.

Special Rules Edit

Some Objective Cards can modify the Setup Area of the game.

Sector Fleet Rule Edit

When playing a Sector Fleet game at a fleet point total of 1000 or higher, use the Expanded Setup Area: Place the setup area markers exactly distance 3 from the short table edge, so that the setup area includes all of the play area that is more than distance 3 from either short edge.

Expanded Setup Diagram Edit

SWA Board ExpandedSetup
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