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Ship Phase is the second phase of a game round after Command Phase. The first player activates one of his ships. Then the second player activates one of his own ships. Players continue taking turns in this manner until all ships have been activated. The next phase is Squadron Phase.

  • Players cannot activate ships that have already been activated.
  • If a player has no unactivated ships remaining, he must pass his turn for the rest of the phase. Doing so does not require spending pass tokens.
  • If a player has unactivated ships but they are prevented from activating those ships by game effects, that player must pass his turn. Doing so does not require spending pass tokens.
  • When a player passes his turn, it becomes the opponent's turn to activate a ship.
  • When it is a player's turn to activate, if that player has any unactivated ships, he can pass by spending a pass token. When a pass token is spent, it is discarded.
    • The first player may pass his turn if he has activated at least one ship and has fewer unactivated ships than the second player.
    • The second player may pass his turn if he doesn't have more unactivated ships than the first player.
    • A player cannot spend a pass token on consecutive turns during the same Ship Phase.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.17-18

Steps during Ship Activation[]

When a player activates a ship, he performs the following steps in order:

1 . Reveal Command Dial[]

2 . Attack.[]

3 . Execute Maneuver.[]

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.17

Special Firing Arcs[]

At the end of its activation, a ship with a special firing arc may place a targeting token at close range within its special firing arc, in preparation for an Ignition attack.

Source: RRG 1.5.0 p.9

Sector Fleet Rule (multi-player game)[]

During this phase, each team takes turns activating a single ship until all ships are activated. When it is a team’s turn to activate a ship, that team’s Grand Admiral chooses a player on that team to activate a ship.

The chosen player then activates one of his ships. If a player cannot activate a ship, that player cannot be chosen by the Grand Admiral to activate a ship.