Show of Force Objective card

Card TextEdit

Setup: Place obstacles as normal, excluding the station. Then, the second player places 2 stations in the setup area. Each station must be beyond distance 1 of all obstacles and beyond distance 3 of both players' edges. Both stations are unarmed stations; place both Unarmed Station cards near the second player's ship cards.

Special Rule: The first player's ships and squadrons cannot resolve an unarmed station's effect to discard damage cards or recover hull points when they overlap it.

End of Game: The second player gains 1 victory token for each unarmed station that is not destroyed. The first player gains 1 victory token and his team gains 40 resource points for each station that is destroyed. The winner's team also gains 40 resource points if he wins the game.

Rules Clarification Edit

If the second player retreats all of his remaining ships to hyperspace, treat any remaining station as destroyed when determining score at the end of game.

FAQ 3.1.1 April 2017

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

Show of Force is a Special Assault Objective for "The Corellian Conflict" Campaign. Its use is limited to the Imperial team only! It cannot declare this special assault against a target location that has a base,
outpost, or presence sticker
on it. The target location cannot be in the Corellian System box or on one of the two hyperlanes.

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