Skilled Spacers Token

Skilled Spacers Token

This page describes additional rules that are used when playing the Corellian Conflict or Rebellion in the Rim campaigns.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

Skilled Spacers is one of four Strategic Effects that a team can gain through the control of Crash's Drift, Duro, Plympto, Sileria, Talus, and Tralus.

Gaining Skilled Spacers Tokens Edit

  • At the beginning of the Battle Phase, each team gains a number of Skilled Spacers tokens equal to the number of locations that team controls with the Skilled Spacers strategic effect. These tokens can be distributed amongst the team's players in any manner that is mutually agreeable to the team.

Using Skilled Spacers Tokens Edit

  • During a battle, before the first player chooses objectives, the second player may spend a Skilled Spacers token to temporarily replace one of his fleet's objective cards with one other objective card of the same category (and may do so multiple times by spending multiple tokens).

At the end of the Battle Phase, any unused Skilled Spacers tokens are returned to the supply.

Rebellion in the Rim Rule Edit

Skilled Spacers is one of seven Strategic Effects that a team can gain through the control of Concord Dawn (Areas I&II), Mon Cala (Area II), Mont Ross (Area III), Rodia (Area III), Ryloth (Area IV), and Sullust (Area IV).

At the end of the Strategy Phase, for each skilled spacers token the team spends, each player on that team can choose one additional eligible ship or squadron of their fleet to become a veteran during the "Determine Veteran Forces" step of the Battle Phase.

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