Squadron Keyword Edit

Icon SQKey Snipe Snipe X. (You can attack squadrons at distance 2 with an anti-squadron armament of X blue dice. This attack ignores the Counter keyword.)

Rules Clarification Edit

If a squadron with snipe is engaged and another squadron is at distance 2, it can attack the squadron at distance 2. If it is engaged with a squadron with escort, it cannot attack another squadron that lacks escort.

Flight Controllers effect also increases a squadron’s armament while it is attacking with snipe.

FAQ 3.1.1 April 2017

Timing Edit

The effect of this Keyword triggers during Attack step 1: "Declare Target"

Squadrons with Snipe 3: Edit

Squadrons with Snipe 4: Edit

Rule Edit

Swarm grants a reroll during a Snipe-attack

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