Sovereign Title Upgrade card

How-to use Title "Sovereign" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

How-to use Title "Sovereign" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

Instructions and hints by Karneck

Card Text Edit

"At the start of Ship Phase, you may exhaust this card to discard 1 command token from up to 3 friendly ships at distance 1-5. If you do, each of those ships may gain 1 command token of any type."

Attributes Edit

Available Through Edit

Timing Edit

This Upgrade Card triggers before the first ship is activated during Ship Phase.

Appearance Edit

The Sovereign was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer belonging to the starfleet of the Galactic Empire, and served as Grand Moff Tarkin's flagship for a period of time years before the Battle of Yavin. It was first seen in the animated TV-series Star Wars Rebels.


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