Space Station token

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The Station is an obstacle. An attack is obstructed if line of sight is traced through the station token.

When a ship or squadron overlaps the station after executing a maneuver, it resolves the following effect:

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Corellian Conflict Rules Edit

Several objective cards introduced in the Corellian Conflict refer to attacking the station obstacle token, or to stations performing attacks. Either the Armed Station, or Unarmed Station cards are used when playing with these objectives to track damage to the stations and indicate their armament (if any). A station card is similar to a squadron card, but it only has a hull value, anti-squadron armament, battery armament, and rules reminder text.

Stations use the following rules when they are attacked or perform an attack:

  • Hull Zone

A station is treated as a ship with one hull zone while it is attacking or defending.

  • Damage

Stations are treated as ships when resolving effects.
When a station suffers damage, deal a facedown damage card to the station for each point of damage suffered. Ships and squadrons cannot resolve critical effects while attacking a station. A station cannot have faceup damage cards. When a station has damage cards equal to or greater than its hull value, it is immediately destroyed.

  • Destroyed Stations

When a station is destroyed, do not remove it from the play area. The station counts as destroyed for the objective, but continues to obstruct line of sight. A destroyed station cannot perform attacks and does not have the ability to discard damage cards or recover hull points for ships and squadrons that overlap it.

  • Firing Arc

Each station has a 360° firing arc.

  • Line of Sight

When tracing line of sight to or from a station, trace the line using the point of the token that is closest to the opposing squadron or hull zone. Attacks that draw line of sight through a station are obstructed. A ship or squadron that is overlapping a station cannot declare an attack against that station.

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