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There are several components in Star Wars Armada that can be spent to induce a wanted effect. Some effects can force or allow a player to spend a component.

  • If a dial, token, die, or other component is spent as part of a card effect’s cost, that component does not also produce its normal effect.
  • Ships and squadrons cannot spend command dials, command tokens, or defense tokens belonging to other ships or squadrons.

Spend Defense Tokens: Edit

Command dials 2sides

Spend Command Dials and Tokens: Edit

  • When a command token is spent, return it to the supply.
  • When a command dial is spent, it is placed faceup on the ship’s ship card and remains there until it is assigned as a new command during the next Command Phase.

Spend Engineering Points: Edit

Spend Dice: Edit


Spend Shields: Edit

  • Some upgrade cards may demand to reduce 1 or more points of a ship's shield value to trigger its effect. (e.g.: Dominator)

Spend Fleet Points: Edit

  • A fleet cannot spend more than one third of its fleet points, rounded up, on squadrons.
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