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" In Star Wars: Armada, players take on the role of fleet admiral, commanding squadrons of support fighters, sending engineers scurrying to repair shields, and unleashing torrents of laser fire through a flurry of tactical commands. The Spring 2015 Star Wars: Armada Tournament Kit comes with an event guide and new promotional materials to help support tournaments, league play, or any other event you wish to run. The order deadline for these kits is December 29th, and the Spring season begins in March.

Tournament Kits are designed for use with our competitive games, such as Star Wars: Armada, and they can be used in several ways. These kits include prize support and promotional material designed to support competitive or casual tournament play at local retailers. Run an eight-week tournament series or league, use the prizes to support a single, large tournament, or host a weekly casual game night. Tournament Kits also come with a guide that provides tips and ideas on how to run a great event. "

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Contents Edit

  • One exclusive Imperial Gunner medal (not pictured)
  • Four sets of acrylic concentrate fire tokens (not pictured)
  • Four dice bags
  • Two copies of an alternate art Victory II-class Star Destroyer
  • Seventeen copies of an alternate art Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
  • A promotional poster featuring a Star Destroyer taking on a fleet of Rebellion ships
  • One informational pamphlet on running a tournament or league
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