Rule Edit

Squadron Command is 1 of 4 Commands. Resolve Icon Command Squadron after revealing the ship’s command dial.

  • Dial

Activate a number of friendly squadrons up to the ship’s squadron value that are at close–medium range of the ship. Each squadron activated in this way can attack and move in either order. The squadrons are chosen and activated one at a time.

  • Token

Activate one squadron as described above.

Sector Fleet Rule (multi-player game) Edit

When a ship resolves the Icon Command Squadron command, that ship may activate teammates’ squadrons if the controlling players agree. When a squadron is activated, its controlling player moves, attacks, and rolls dice for that squadron as normal.

Cards related to Squadron Command Edit

  • Vector (Gozanti Title): "Icon Command Squadron: The speed of each squadron without Heavy you activate is increased by 1, to a maximum of 5, until the end of its activation."
  • Adar Tallon (Unique Rebel Officer): "After you resolve a Icon Command Squadron command, exhaust this card to toggle the activation slider of 1 squadron activated with that command."
  • Admiral Chiraneau (Unique Imperial Officer): "Icon Command Squadron: Squadrons that you activate can move even if they are engaged. When an engaged squadron moves in this way, treat it as having a printed speed of '2'. "
  • Flight Commander (Officer): "During your activation, you can resolve your Icon Command Squadron command after you execute a maneuver."
  • Weapons Liaison (Officer): "Before you reveal a command, you may spend 1 command token to change that command to a Icon Command ConcentrateFire or Icon Command Squadron command."
  • Wing Commander (Officer): "Before you reveal a command, you may change that command to a Icon Command Squadron command."
  • Rapid Launch Bays (Offensive Retrofit): "Before deploying fleets, you may set aside a number of friendly squadrons up to your squadron value next to your ship card. Icon Command Squadron: For each squadron you would activate with this command, you may instead place 1 of your set-aside squadrons within distance 1. It cannot move this activation."
  • Pursuant (Quasar Fire Title): "When you reveal a command other than a Icon Command Squadron command, you may discard this card to resolve a Icon Command Squadron. You treat this command as if you spent a Icon Command Squadron dial."
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