Rule Edit

Squadron Phase is the third phase of a game round after Ship Phase. During this phase, the first player activates two of his squadrons. Then the second player activates two of his own squadrons. Players continue taking turns in this manner until all squadrons have been activated.

  • Players cannot activate squadrons that have already been activated.
  • A player does not choose the second squadron to activate until after he finishes activating the first one.
  • If a player only has one unactivated squadron remaining when he must choose his first squadron to activate, he only activates that squadron.
  • If a player has no unactivated squadrons remaining, he must pass his turn for the rest of the phase.
  • A squadron can either move or attack when activated during this phase; it cannot do both unless possessing the keyword Rogue.

The next phase is Status Phase.

Sector Fleet Rule (multi-player game) Edit

Each team takes turns activating two squadrons until all squadrons are activated. When it is a team’s turn to activate a squadron, that team’s Grand Admiral must choose a player on their team to activate a squadron. The chosen player then activates one of their squadrons. If a player has no unactivated squadrons remaining, they cannot be chosen by the Grand Admiral to activate a squadron.

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