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Swm32 starhawk-class-battleship-mark-1

Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I Rebel Ship card

Defense Tokens[]

Possible Upgrades[]

Class Specifics[]

Compared to the Starhawk-class Battleship Mark II for 150 points, it is armed with an additional black die at the cost of a blue die in the front and rear and at the cost of a red die in the side arcs. Its anti-squadron armament consists of a blue and black die instead of red and blue.

Available Through[]



design by JB Casacop

The artwork for this card was created by JB Casacop.


The Starhawk-class battleship was produced by the Nadiri Dockyards. The New Republic used two variants, the Mark I Starhawk and the Mark II, late during the Galactic Civil War. Three Mark I participated in the Battle of Jakku against several Imperial Star Destroyers and the SSD Ravager.