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Starhawk-class Battleship Mark II Rebel Ship card

Defense Tokens[]

Possible Upgrades[]

Class Specifics[]

Compared to the Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I for 140 points, it is armed with an additional blue die in the front and rear and an additional red die in the side arcs at the cost of a black die in all arcs. Its anti-squadron armament consists of a red and blue die instead of blue and black. It may not equip two title upgrade cards, the Concord or the Amity, the Starhawk Mark II may only equip the Unity title upgrade.

Available Through[]

design by JB Casacop


The artwork for this card was created by JB Casacop.


The Starhawk-class battleship was produced by the Nadiri Dockyards. The New Republic used two variants, the Mark I Starhawk and the Mark II, late during the Galactic Civil War. Three Mark I participated in the Battle of Jakku against several Imperial Star Destroyers and the SSD Ravager.