Also new! A little bit of fancy picture in the headline!

Hello there,

happy new year to all Armada gamers and wiki users out there!

2016 I started to play Armada. Even before I bought my first ship I peeked in the Star Wars: Armada wiki. It has been a source of knowledge and inspiration ever since! And quite soon I started to add a detail here and correct a typo there. A few months later I was regularily here to update and add pages.

Three years is a long time. But I'm still learning how a wiki funchtions and what features exist. Only a few days ago I asked myself what I could do with infoboxes ...? And I added them as a feature for expansion packs!

And today I stumbled over the "blog". So okay! Why not trying something new in 2020. Let's start a blog about what is happening here at the wiki and in the game! Maybe it will be good for something?

Leave me a message if you noticed the blog, what you think about it and/or the Armada wiki in general!

Triangularer (Bureau of Ships and Services)

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