Hello there!

Last saturday I had the opportunity to teach the game to a new player. We had lots of fun and talked much about the game. He told me that he loves the gorgious models best.

I also love minis and I invested some time in painting to give my ships their own special flavour. But is this what I like best about the game?

I pondered and I came to compare the game with the two other strategy games I played. Or tried to play. The first one was Star Wars: X-wing. That's also a game with awesome looking Star Wars minis. Years ago as the game arrived I had the opportunity to give it a try at a game fair at my home town. My daughter took the X-wing, I took the TIEs. We planed and maneuvered and finally we shot! We rolled dice! And the we rolled defense dice! … And … nothing!

I left the fair without a core box. The excitement had flown! The experience was disappointing for an old X-wing and TIE fighter CD Rom veteran like me. Later I was given two other tutorials from friendly fellow admirals who tried to convince me of the virtues of fast and furious star fighter dog fights. And we planed and maneuvered and we rolled dice and missed and if not, we rolled defense dice and then we missed.

Many years later -- I had become an Armada veteran -- I started to play Star Wars: Legion. That game is fun! In the beginning we thought that's the better game compared to Armada. But after a while we found that Armada has more depth, needs more strategic thinking and is less arbitrary. Or to say it in less words: no defense dice!

Yeah, if I think about it, that's what I really like about that game:

Defense tokens!

What do you like best when playing Star Wars: Armada?

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