Wulff Yularen2

Wulff Yularen Imperial Crew Upgrade card

Card TextEdit

"When you spend a command token, you may exhaust this card to gain 1 command token of the same type."

Rules Clarification Edit

If a ship spends a command token to resolve a command, it cannot spend the matching token gained by exhausting Wulff Yularen to resolve that command or its effect again this round.

FaQ Version 2.2.1; 10/24/2016


Available ThroughEdit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Ship Phase when resolving a command token.

Appearance Edit

Wullf Yularen was an admiral for the Galactic Republic. Later he became one of the officers assigned to the Death Star, where he died at the Battle of Yavin. He is seen in Episode IV and appears in several episodes of The Clone Wars.


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